skyworks – GaAs RFIC: Switches, Attenuators, Amplifiers
– Discrete Semiconductor: Diodes (PIN, Schottky, Varactor), GaAs FET, PHEMT
– MMIC/Discrete: Amplifiers, Switches, Attenuators, Mixers
– Power Amplifiers: GSM, CDMA, TDMA, etc.
– Fractional N Synthesizers, Rx Front End / Downconverters
– Wireless: MMIC Power Amplifiers, PA Drivers, FEM’s
cypress – Programmable Systems on a Chip (PSoC)
– Wireless Connectivity for IoT: Wifi, Bluetooth, BLE, Zigbee and Thread
– 32-bit ARM® Cortex MCUs
– Timing and USB products
– NOR/NAND Flash
– Nonvolatile RAM, SRAM
– Analog ICs and PMICs
AMS – Light, Environment, Position, CMOS Imaging Sensors
– Power, Battery, and Smart Light Management
– Wireless Readers, NFC tags
– ASIC and Foundry services
cui – Power – DC/DC & AC/DC converters, Linear & Switching PS
– Control – Encoders and Sensors
– Sound – Buzzers, Microphones, Speakers
– Interconnects – Audio Jacks, DC Pwr Jacks, DIN
MEUS – Broad lineup of color TFT-LCD modules
– 4.3″-19.2″ size displays.
– OC 3/12/48/192 Active Optical Components
– RF and Microwave GaAs FETs
– RF Power Modules
Eaton – Bussmen Division
– SuperCaps, Fuses, Magnetics
– Power conditioning, High Capacity SPD
Active-semi – Power Application Controllers TM (PAC)
– Power management IC’s
– DC/DC and AC/DC converters
ATOP – Optical transceivers for Data Center, Transmission and Access applications
– 1G to 100G data rates
– All industry standard products
GOT Interface – Custom Human to Machine (HMI) solutions
– Capacitive Proximity and Membrane Switches
– In Mold Decorating and Injection Molded Plastics
– Silicon Keypads, Flexible Printed Circuits, Clear Conductive Inks
Nanya – Computing DRAM, SDRAM (RoHS Compliant / Halogen Free)
– Consumer DRAM (Commercial, Industrial, & Automotive Grade)
SiTime – World leader in MEMS-based silicon timing solutions with over 90% market share
– Replaces legacy quartz products
– Key benefits over quartz are Higher Performance, Lower Power, Higher Reliability, Smaller Footprint
– Lifetime Warranty: SiTime timing devices are guaranteed to perform—forever
Swissbit – NAND Flash products – SSD’s, compact Flash, USB products, e.MMC
– Security products – microSD and SD memory cards

– Micro-electrical-mechanical systems (MEMS)
– Advanced voice Always-On VoiceQ Technology
– Balanced armature technology for hearing aids and personal in-ear listening device
megachips – Custom mixed signal ASIC’s
– ASSP for Consumer/Networking Solutions
Alium – Rechargeable Lithium Polymer and Lithium Ion batteries
– Moldable Lithium Polymer
– Bare Cells or Battery Packs PCM
– Private label AA/AAA and coin cells
inventek – Cypress based certified Wi Fi modules
– Wi Fi/BLE/NFC combo modules
– Modules with and without antennae’s
– SiRF based GPS antennae’s