Founded in 1963, Beacon Electronics is the leading semiconductor representative from NY to FL.

The early days of Beacon, we were mainly an electromechanical/RF Microwave representative covering the Dixie and Florida region. However, in late 70’s we adapted with technology and our growing customer base and converted into a semiconductor sales rep. We experienced much success in the 80’s and ‘90’s as design and manufacturing flourished in the SE. In the mid 90’s we expanded to the Mid Atlantic and by 2002, we extended up to Metro NY. Today, we are the leading demand creation rep in the markets we serve.

Navigating Change

Over the past 15 to 20 years, the rep industry has experienced unprecedented change, and Beacon has navigated that change better than most of our peers. Here are the highlights:

Leadership Stability – Mark West has been with Beacon since 1998 and is the 5th President of Beacon
Financial Stability – Navigating the DotCom boom/bust and “The Great Recession” put many rep companies out of business. We not only made it thru those times, but came out stronger as the economy recovered
Technical Leadership – Over 80% of our sales team is not only experienced but also technical (Engineering Degree’s)
Outsourcing of Manufacturing – In the late 90’s, 85% of our commission revenue shipped into our region. Today, the exact opposite is true. We have to partner with principals today that can help us track shipments off shore, or we can’t survive.
Corporate Squeezing – As corporations continue to produce numbers for Wall Street, SG&A budgets continue to get reduced: We are all being asked to do more with less. Reps are now being asked to do more and Beacon has excelled. Our ISP and IT infrastructure teams are second to none. Salesforce automation systems we have in place allow us to easily integrate into our principals systems and lower their fixed COGS.
Corporate Consolidation – Mergers and Acquisitions set records in 2015. Managing a line card without conflicts is becoming increasingly difficult. We work closely with our principals to manage soft conflicts so we can maintain revenue across multiple lines.

Mission Statement

To be the best demand creation focused sales representative in the markets we serve. We strive to create a culture of excellence by building strong, long term relationships with our principals, our customers, and our employees. We intend to ensure the viability, growth and continuance of Beacon by continuing to invest in the employees and other resources of the company.